Images Importing Upside Down From iPhone 5


I have the iPhone 5 and use Windows 7. I did have an iMac and used to just import my iPhone images through iPhoto. But now I just use Windows and when ever I download the images off my iPhone to my computer they are all appearing upside down.
I have tried to find a way to turn the images the right way round in bulk but I can’t find anything and even if I did it would take hours as I have over 1,000 images to import.
Does anyone know of a way around this?


I had this problem too and couldn’t find anyone on the internet with a decent answer.
I saw some people saying download an image editor and importing and flip them through the image editor, but this is a waste of time.
The way to do it is as follows.

  • Plug in your iPhone 5 to your computer
  • You will see an auto play pop up appear with one of the options ‘Import Pictures And Videos using Windows’
  • Select this option. When the progress bar appears you will see a settings hyperlink in blue, select this.
  • In the settings you will see the location you want to save your images too. Select the correct location for both images and video imports.
  • There is an option to erase images after uploading them to the computer. You can select this if you want to remove your images from your iPhone to free up space.
  • You will see there is a tick box for ‘rotate images after upload’. This will already be selected. Leave it ticked. If its not ticked for some reason, make sure its ticked.
  • Now select upload and you will see a new folder created with today’s date and your images will be in here. The images should all be the right way round too!

It looks like this doesn’t also flip the videos and I don’t know how to do this. There must be a way.


Additional Notes